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Brahmins always criticize, condemn and mock at other religions Their criticism and mocking is unreasonable and unacceptable.

In his autobiography, Dr Charles , an American scholar says that it is very simple to define a Hindu. He says a Hindu means "one who believes in anything and everything if said in the name of god and shall never question its authenticity".

The Brahmins claim that Lord Rama is incarnated (came in human form) to study and understand the difficulties of mankind. Is it really necessary for a god to incarnate Himself?? Can he not understand the creation? Why should God become a donkey or a cockroach in order to understand the sufferings of these creatures?

Lord Rama

Lord Rama is the central character to the Epic RAMAYAN (whose author was Valmiki) Rama is the son of Dasharath, the king of Banaras. Dasharath had three wives, kaushalya, kaikeyi and Smitra besides several hundreds concubines.

According to the Ramayana, Rama spent most of his life trying to save his wife, Sita from the clutches of Ravan At the same time Rama was enjoying life to the full at every opportunity.

How Rama was Fooled by Sukrievan

When god Rama was exiled to the forest together with his wife, sukrievan appeared as deer and fooled god Rama. Although Rama was a "god", he was not able to see through Sukreivan's disguise!

12 Years for Rama, but One day to Ravan

To retrieve his wife from Devil Ravan, god Rama sought the help of Hanuman, a monkey god. Hanuman agreed to help Rama bring his wife back on condition that god Rama in turn help him (Hanuman) to kill his twin brother prior to undertaking the mission.

I took more than twelve years for Hanuman to build a bridge and accomplish the task while Ravan just took Sita and flew to Sri lanka in just one day's time Where is the bridge that Rama built?? Who is more powerful - God Rama or Devil Ravan ? Would a god seek the help of another god to murder a third god?

  1. If Hanuman could fly carrying big mountains, he should have in the first instance carried and flown god Rama to Sri Lanka, which would have resulted in early rescue of Sita.

  2. Who knows what Ravan might have done to Sita during this period of twelve years? Definitely a devil would have done only "devilish" things!

  3. Before helping god Rama, Hanuman made Rama shoot his own twin brother in the back and only then did Hanuman help god Rama How can a "god" indulge in such a criminal act for personal gain?

Beef Eating Rama

When God Rama was told to go to forest, he mournfully revealed to is mother: "if has been ordained that I have to lose the kingdom, forego the princely comforts and the tasty, MEAT DISHES. (Ayodha Kandam, 20, 26, 94th Chapters).

Rama's Many Wives

Mr. C.R. Sreenivasa lyengar's translation of Valmiki Ramayana says: " Though Rama had married Sita to be the queen, he married many other wives for sexual pleasure in accordance with the royal customs. (Ayodha Kandam 8th Chapter, page 28). (The term "Rama's wives" as been used in many places in Ramayan).

Rama’s Disrespect for his Father

Rama called his father " A FOOL, AN IDIOT" (Ayodhya Kandam, 53rd Chapter).

Rama's Contempt for Women and Low Castes

Rama disfigured and mutilated many women by cutting off her noses, breasts, ears etc., and tortured them (Soorpanaki, Ayomuki).

Rama said, "Women should not be trusted" and that "Secrets should not be confided to the wife" (Ayodhya kandam, Chapter 100).

Sambuka was slain (by Rama) because he was making penance which was forbidden to him by Vedas as he was a "Shudra" (Uttara kanadam, Chapter 76).

Looking at is hand Rama said the Sanskirt slogan "O right hand, you kill this Asche Shudra unhesitatingly as killing this Shudra is the only way to get back the life of the deceased Brahmin boy."

Rama’s Death

Rama , like an ordinary man, fell down into the river and was DROWNED. (Uttara Kandam, Chapter 106). How can a "god die? Who will then look after the affairs of the world?

What Leaders say about Lord Rama

  • "My Rama (god Rama) is not the Rama of Ramayana". Mahatma Gandhi

  • "The Ramayana and Mahabaratha are nothing but another Arabian Nights Story" Jawaharlal Nehru

  • "Rama is not a god; but he is a hero" Rajagopalachari, First Governor-General of India and a great Brahmin leader.

  • "Ramayan is not a divine story; it is only a literature" (Kaliyuga Kamban, T.K. Chidambaranatha Mudaliar). Babri Masjid was demolished by Rama Bhatkas claiming that it was his birth place.

Lord Krishna/Krsna

Lord Krishna was very fond of looking at naked young girls. Once upon a time Krishna, in order to get a full view of some bathing virgin girls, went to the extent of hiding their clothes on the tree top just to get a panoramic view. Does he have divine immunity from looking at naked women?

The Gita, a Holy book of the Hindus, quotes that when these bathing low caste girls begged for the return of their clothes, Lord Krishna demanded that they come out of the water with their hands raised instead of covering their bodies.

Oh my innocent Hindu brethren! Can this action be attributed to god? Is this God capable of indulging in such ungodly acts? Will Hindu mothers tolerate their son imitating god Krishna??

The Riddle of Krishna and Rama

The "Times of India" reported on 12-11-87 that the Education Department, Government of Maharashtra, had published a book called "The Riddles of Hinduism" by Dr. Ambedkar.

The report said that various statements contained in the book aroused the ire of some Brahmins, particularly the author's observation on Rama & Dasharth's many wives and also Krishna's moral character. (The Riddles of Rama and Krishna is available from Dalit Saithya Academy, Bangalore-3).

God Shiva, Lord Ganesh & Goddess Parvathi

According to Hinduism, god Shiva's head is the source of the river Ganges and his head is also the place where the moon is located (if this was really a fact then why should America send astronaut Neil Armstrong 240,000 miles away to the moon)

According to Puranas, goddess Parvathi, wife of God Shiva, sought Shivas's permission to have a baby When Shiva refused, Paravathi took dirt from her body and created Lord Ganesh. (The late E.V.R. Preiyar used to call this god a "bundle fo dirt").

Later God Shiva mistakenly chopped off his own son's head. How could a god make such a foolish mistake? Would such a god solve your problems or make them more complicated?

To rectify his error God Shiva severed the head of baby elephant and transplanted in onto his son who then become known as the Elephant headed god. His statues are usually found near river-sides where he is said to be looking for a bride resembling his mother! (There is a different version to this story which, for decency's sake, cannot be printed here).

Kali Goddess of Violence

A recent report by the press trust of India stated that during the past three years more than 2,500 young boys and girls were sacrificed to goddess kali in India An AFP's recent reports say: Hundreds of young boys and virgin girls are sacrificed every month for the deity Kali. In one case Rama Sewak hacked his eight year old son to death in broad daylight in Delhi becuase Godess Kali had told him he woudl come back to life and bring him good fortune. Bloot-thirsy kali is worshipped opnely in te length and breadth of India.

Kali's statue stands naked aside the inanimate body of the Hindu deity Siva, tongue stuck out with blood dripping from fang-like teeth. She holds a noose, a skull-topped staff, a blood-encrusted sword and a severed head. She is also known as Durga, Devi, Shaktima, Uma and Parvathi in manifestations.

Pornography in Ramayana

Ramanaya also recounts the story of king Dasaratha who, in order to have a baby son, made a big sacrifice (yagam) of sheep, cattle, horses, birds and snakes. He then delivered his three wives Kaushaliya, Sumatirai and Kaikeyi to three priests. These holy men, having fully satisfied their carnal desire, returned the ladies to the king. By this means, the king was able to have three sons-Ram, Lakshman and Bharat (Bala Kandam, Chapter 14. For more details on yagam, refer to the book "Gnana Surian", published by the kudi Arasu Press.)

Does it mean Rama was born to a Brahmin?

The Ramayana tells us much about the unlawful relationship of incest but we do not feel it appropriate or decent for ut to go in details (Please refer to Aranya Kandam, chapter 45 verses 122, 123, 124, & 125).

The following Aryan practices will reveal how immorality and indecency are sanctified in the name of Hinduism.

Lingam and Youni

Lingam and Yoni in Sanskrit means the male and female sexual organs respectively. Hindus are allowed to worship anything - including sexual organs. It is not unknown for them to name their children as Shiva Lingam (God Shiva's sexual organ) or Rama Lingam (God Rama's sexual organ), (in some places in Karnataka, the gods demand both male and females to pray naked together).

Devadasi (Religious Prostistution)

The Devadasi system was set up, according to a Times of India report (10-11-87), as a result of conspiracy between the feudal class and the priests (Brahmins). The latter, with their ideological and religious hold over the peasants and craftsmen, devised a means that gave prostitution their religious sanction. Poor low-caste Hindu girls, initially sold at private auctions, were later "dedicated" to the temples. They were then initiated in to prostitution Even to this day this religious prostitution blessed by Hindu religion is still alive in Karnataka and Maharashtra.

The Kamasutra

Brahmins has also created Kamasutra - a set of instructions on how to have sexual intercourse. Some of the postures detailed in Kamasutra are so complex that they can only be performed with the help of one or more ASSISTANTS!
Some Hindu temples have stone carvings of Kamasutra sexual poses and Hindus worship them.

The Devadasi System Thrives

UNI. - TIMES OF INDIA - 10th Nov 1987: confirms that the practice of dedication young Harijan (Hindu) girls (Mahars, Mangs, Dowris and Chambhar) at childhood to a goddess, and their initiation into prostitution when they attain puberty continues to thrive in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and other parts of South India. This is largely due to social backwardness, poverty and illiteracy, according to a study by two doctors of the India Health Organization.

The report clearly indicates that the Devadasi system was the result of a conspiracy between the feudal class and the priests (Brahmins) who with their ideological and religious hold over the peasants and craftsmen, devised a practice which acquired religious sanctions. They noted in their study on - "Devadasis" - "the link between religious culture and child prostitution".

The study revealed that girls from poor Hindu families were sold after puberty at private auctions to a master who initially paid a sum of money to the families ranging from 500 to Rs. 5,000.

The study, made during health camps organized by the World Health Organization (WHO) in the Devadasi populated areas, revealed that the dedicated girls formed 15 percent of the total women involved in prostitution in the country, and as much as 70 percent of the prostitutes in the border districts of Karnataka and Maharashtra.

Lord Rama says do not trust Women

Lord Rama is in harmonious agreement with Manusmrti 7:145-153. While lecturing his brother Bharata on how to govern the kingdom, Lord Rama says women are not trustworthy creatures:

"[Rama:] 'Do you keep your womenfolk pacified? Are they duly protected by you? I hope you do not repose excessive faith in them and do not confide your secrets to them.' " -- Ramayana 2:100.

Hinduism and Caste

Caste (varna):

Brahmin = Priest Caste;

Ksatriya = Rajanya/Ruler/Warrior Caste;

Vaisya = Commoner Caste;

Sudra = Servant/Slave Caste; and

Avarna = Outcaste/Untouchable/Dalit/Candala/Dog-eater.

There are also many subsets in each caste. Dvija = twice-born (twice-born = upper 3 castes or sometimes just Brahmin caste particularly). Some Hindus have a delusion that caste is not promoted by any of their holy books. Is that really so? Let's find out:

"By his very birth a Brahmin is a deity even for the gods and the only authority for people in this world, for the Veda is the foundation in this matter." -- Manusmrti 11:85.

"People here whose behaviour is pleasant can expect to enter a pleasant womb, like that of a woman of the Brahmin, the Ksatriya, or the Vaisya caste. But people of foul behaviour can expect to enter the foul womb, like that of a dog, a pig, or an outcaste woman." -- Chandogya Upanisad 5:10:7.

"If a man of one birth (Sudra) hurls cruel words at one of the twice-born, his tongue should be cut out, for he was born from the rear-end. If he mentions their name or caste maliciously, a red-hot iron nail ten-fingerslong should be thrust into his mouth. If he is so proud as to instruct priests about their duty, the king should have hot oil poured into his mouth and ears." -- Manusmrti 8:270-272.

"If a man of inferior caste tries to sit down on the same seat as a man of superior caste, he should be branded on the hip and banished, or have his buttocks cut off." -- Manusmrti 8:281.

"If in the process of negotiating betrothal there are first ten suitors of the non-Brahmana varna for a woman (the marriageable girl), all of them lose their claims of marriage and, only the Brahmin, the learned one, if he grasps her hand would be her husband and only he. Not even the man of Ksatriya varna and not even the man of Vaisya varna but only the Brahmin is the husband of the bride in such cases of claimants of betrothal, and the sun, as it appears, revealing this fact to the people of five classes (4 varnas and the fifth avarna) rises up." -- Atharva Veda 5:17:8-9.

"If someone born in a Ksatriya, Vaisya, or Sudra womb should be unable to pay his fine, he may absolve himself of the debt by labour; a Brahmin should pay little by little. The king should have women, children, madmen, and the old, the poor, and the ill chastised with a whip, a bamboo cane, a rope, and so forth." -- Manusmrti 9:229-230.

"The Sudra's duty and supreme good is nothing but obedience to famous Brahmin householders who know the Veda. If he is unpolluted, obedient to his superiors, gentle in his speech, without a sense of 'I', and always dependent on the Brahmins and the other (twice-born castes), he attains a superior birth (in the next life)." -- Manusmrti 9:334-335.

"A Brahmin is a great deity whether or not he is learned, just as fire is a great deity whether or not it is brought to the altar. The purifying fire with its brilliant energy is not defiled even in cremation grounds, and when oblations of butter are placed in it at sacrifices it grows even greater. Thus Brahmins should be revered in every way, even if they engage in all kinds of undesirable actions, for this is the supreme deity. If the Ksatriyas become overbearing towards the Brahmins in any way, the Brahmins themselves should subdue them, for the Ksatriyas were born from the Brahmins." -- Manusmrti 9:317-320.

"His (Purusa's) mouth became the Brahmin; his arms were made into the Ksatriya, his thighs the Vaisya, and from his feet the Sudra was born." -- Rig Veda 10:90:12.

In comparison, Sudras are as low as feet & Outcastes (avarna) are even below that status of course.

Women in Hinduism

"Men must make their women dependent day and night, and keep under their own control those who are attached to sensory objects. Her father guards her in childhood, her husband guards her in youth, and her sons guard her in old age. A woman is not fit for independence." -- Manusmrti 9:2-4.

"Women are powerless, have no inheritance, and speak more humbly than even a bad man." -- Krsna Yajur Veda Taittiriya Samhita 6:5:8:2.

"Lord Indra himself has said, 'The mind of woman cannot be disciplined; she has very little intelligence.' " -- Rig Veda 8:33:17.

"A thirty-year-old man should marry a twelve-year-old girl who charms his heart, and a man of twenty-four an eight-year-old girl; and if duty is threatened, (he should marry) in haste." -- Manusmrti 9:94.

"A discarded wife is one who has no son. … For a wife that is without a son, is possessed with Nirriti (destruction, calamity)." -- Satapatha Brahmana 5:3:1:13.

"A damsel whose menses begin to appear (while she is living) at her father's house, before she has been betrothed to a man, has to be considered as a degraded woman: by taking her (without the consent of her kinsmen) a man commits no wrong." -- Visnusmrti 24:41.

Hinduism & Polygamy/Polygyny

Although there is nothing explicitly wrong with polygyny, some Hindus have a delusion that Hinduism exclusively teaches monogamy. Let's find out in the following scriptural quotes:

Hinduism knows the duties of a maharaja. However, some Hindus would say that the harem-concubines are not necessarily the king's wives so this is not really polygyny & it is only allowed for the raja (king). To further clarify this issue:

"Now a Brahmin may take four wives in the direct order of the (four) castes." -- Visnusmrti 24:1. "One thing mixed with another should not be sold, nor anything that is spoiled, deficient, far away, or concealed. If one girl is shown but another is given to the bridegroom, he may marry both of them for the single bride-price; that is what Manu says." -- Manusmrti 8:203-4. Manu's decrees are regarded as inspired by God.

Also, Lord Krsna had 16,000 wives, Lord Visnu & Brahma also had multiple consorts and Ksatriyas are recorded in the itihasas (Mahabharata/Ramayana/etc.) as having as many as thousands of wives & thousands of progeny. However, the immoral news is that Hinduism also sanctions polyandry, not only conventional polygamy. In the epic, the Mahabharata (of which one book is the Bhagavad-Gita), which is a true istory of Hindustan (Bharat/India) according to traditional Hindus, the five renowned Pandava brothers were told by their mom Kunti to divide the prize they won equally among all brothers. Good advice.....but the prize they won turned out to be their wife, Draupadi -- five brothers sharing one wife. Pathetic.

Hinduism vs Idolatry

Which religion states that idolators will "fall into an awful hell of pain and sorrow, and suffer terribly for a long time" ? Islam? Sikhism? Judaism? Christianity? GUESS AGAIN....... Yeah, Hinduism - once again the holy Vedas speak:

"They are enveloped in darkness, in other words, are steeped in ignorance and sunk in the greatest depths of misery who worship the uncreated, eternal prakrti -- the material cause of the world -- in place of the All-pervading God, BUT THOSE WHO WORSHIP VISIBLE THINGS BORN OF THE PRAKRTI, such as the earth, trees, bodies (human and the like) in place of God are enveloped in still greater darkness, in other words, they are extremely foolish, fall into an awful hell of pain and sorrow, and suffer terribly for a long time." -- Yajur Veda 40:9.

This is merely further confirmed in yet another verse:

"The Formless Supreme Spirit that pervades the universe can have NO MATERIAL REPRESENTATION, LIKENESS OR IMAGE." -- Yajur Veda 32:3.

According to Hinduism's sacred & eternal Vedas, idolators (i.e. "but those who worship visible things born of the prakrti") are condemned as perhaps the most wicked entities in Hinduism. "No material representation", i.e. no idols for Hindus lest they rot in "hell"!!

Yet approximately 90% of practicing Hindus commit idolatry & defend it as an authorized & integral practice for Hinduism. In fact, Hindu priests world-wide provide prayers, offerings & even bathe miniature idols in milk regularly; pious Hindus across the globe pray to & bow-down before such
idols of Krsna, Ram/Sita, Linga (Phallus), Siva, Elephants (Ganesa), Monkeys (Hanuman), Cows (Nandi/etc.), Brahma, Yoni (Vagina), Nude Kali (Naked Dravidian-looking Goddess with a protruding blood-thirsty tongue), Snakes(Nag), Hogs (Varaha - Boar Avatar), Turtles (Kurma - Turtle Avatar), Fish (Matsya - Fish Avatar), Goats (Agni - Sacrificial Goat w/Flames -- the Fire-God), Fire-God (Agni), Sun-God (Surya/etc.), Moon-God (Candresvara), etc. Some remote sects & tribes of Hinduism even worship crocodiles, camels, donkeys, dogs, rats, toys, frogs, insects and other absurdities.

Hinduism says bestiality is not that bad a crime

Hinduism states that sex with animals is not nearly as bad as sex with a (human) outcaste; for sex with a cow or some other animal, it's pardonable, but for sex with a (human) outcaste, a twice-born Hindu should be executed:

"An adulterer shall be made to pay the highest amercement if he has had connection with a woman of his own caste; for adultery with women of a lower caste, the second amercement; the same (fine is ordained) for a bestial crime committed with a cow. He who has had connection with a woman of one of the lowest castes, shall be put to death. For a bestial crime committed withcattle (other than cows) he shall be fined a hundred Karshapanas." -- Visnusmrti 5:40-44.

Just as incest is not an infrequent theme in Hindu scripture, sex withanimals is also not an uncommon motif in Hinduism. Indeed, great rishis (sages) have been born through bestiality (ref. Manusmrti 10:69-72.). The rishi Rsyasrnga had a deer for a mom. Furthermore, Pandu (the dad of the five famous Pandava princes) had accidentally killed a rishi who was in animal form having sex with a deer (ref. Mahabharata Adiparvan 95.). Hindu queens and other Aryan women of diverse provinces in ancient Hindustan used to have sex with dead horses during the Asvamedha sacrifice, and Lord Rama's mom Kausalya spent an entire night having sex with a carcass of a sacrificial horse in Valmiki Ramayana (ref. Ramayana 1:13:24-33.). Bestiality depictions have also been found at the Khajuraho temple-complex in Hindustan.

Lord Siva & Lord Visnu

Mohini ['The Enchantress'] is a famous apsaras (celestial nymph) of Lord Indra's harem. Although usually the apsarases are real and usually created by the gods for the purpose of distracting enemies or ascetics, Lord Visnu himself sometimes takes a form to look like the nymph Mohini to delude the demons during battle:

"Visnu took the form of the apsaras Mohini in order to beguile the demons and to steal the Soma back from them. Having accomplished this, Visnu was approached by Siva and Parvati, and Siva asked him to display the seductive form which he had assumed for the demons. Visnu became Mohini, and Siva immediately ran after her, abandoning Parvati who stood with her head lowered in shame. Siva embraced Mohini by force, and his seed fell upon the ground. Mohini disappeared and Siva returned to Parvati." -- Brahmanda Purana 4:10:41-77.

How Lord Hanuman (the Monkey - God) was Born

"One day Siva saw the Mohini form of Visnu. He was struck by Kama's arrows and let fall his seed. The Seven Sages put the seed in a pot and they infused it into the daughter of Gautama through her ear. In time, Hanuman, the monkey-god, was born from it." -- Siva Purana 3:20:3-7.

How Lord Ganesa was Born

"When Siva and Parvati were making love together, Visnu took the form of a Brahmin with matted locks, oppressed by thirst, and he went to the bedroom door and said, 'What are you doing, Siva? Arise and give me food and water, for I am an old man oppressed by thirst.' Siva arose, and his seed fell on the bed instead of in the womb of his wife. Then Siva and Parvati offered the Brahmin food and water, and he vanished and took the form of a child and went to Parvati's bed. There he became mixed with the seed of Siva that was on the bed, and he was born like an engendered child. Parvati found the child and nursed him, naming him Ganesa." -- Brahmavaivarta Purana 3:8:19-33, 83-8, 3:9:1-26.

Lord Ganesa lost his head one day, so Lord Siva chopped-off an elephant's head and attached it to Ganesa's body. This is how Lord Ganesa became an Elephant-headed God.

Origin of Holy Shiv Linga

Lord Siva seduces the Pine Forest sages' wives and is cursed for this immoral behavior. Origin of the holy Linga which is commonly worshipped in Hindu temples:

"When the sages saw Siva naked and excited they beat him and they said, 'Tear out your linga.' The great yogi said to them, 'I will do it, if you hate my linga', and he tore it out and vanished." -- Kurma Purana 2:38:39-41; cf. Haracaritacintamani 10:74; Yagisvaramahatmya 26a. 14. In another version, the sages in the forest quote the legal texts regarding the penalty for seducing a guru's wife when they punish Siva:"You false ascetic, let your (Siva's) linga fall to earth here. A shameless and evil man who has seduced another man's wife should be castrated; there is no other punishment ever. A man who has seduced his guru's wife should cut off the linga and testicles himself and hold them in his hands and walk until he dies." -- Siva Purana, Dharmasamhita 10:187-90; cf. B. K. Sarkar, pp.234-5.

More on Origin of Holy Shiv Linga

Here is another origin of the holy Linga: "... He (Siva) agreed to this and laughed, for he was secretly amused, and he said to Brahma, 'There is no good use for this linga except for the creation of progeny.' And as he said this he broke it off and threw it upon the surface of the earth. The linga broke through the earth down to the subterranean hell and went to the very sky. Visnu sought the end of it below, and Brahma flew upwards, but they did not find the end of it, for all their vital effort. Then a voice arose out of the sky as the two of them sat there, and it said, 'If the linga of the god with braided hair is worshipped, it will certainly grant all desires that are longed for in the heart.' When Brahma and Visnu heard this, they and all the divinities worshipped the linga with devotion, with their hearts set upon Rudra (Siva)." -- Siva Purana, Dharmasamhita 49:23b-46, 74-86.

Lord Brahma Lust Siva’s Wife & Thousands of Yogis are Born

Brahma instantly becomes the dad of thousands of ascetics; the following takes place at Lord Siva's wedding: "Brahma saw the beautiful face (or feet) of Parvati at the wedding, and he became excited and shed his seed upon the ground. In fear of Siva, he began to make the seed barren, but Siva said, 'Brahma, you should not kill Brahmins, and these are great sages.' Then 88,000 tapasvins were born from the seed, and they ran around Brahma calling him 'Daddy, daddy!' " -- Brahma Purana 72:18; Vamana Purana 27:56-9; cf. Siva Purana, Jnanasamhita 18:62-8; Siva Purana 2:3:49:3-10; Skanda Purana 1:1:26:15-22.

Lord Brahma’s Incest

"Brahma desired Sarasvati and went to her, asking her to stay with him. She, being his daughter, was furious at this and said, 'Your mouth speaks inauspiciously and so you will always speak in a contrary way.' From that day, Brahma's fifth head always spoke evilly and coarsely. Therefore one day when Siva was wandering about with Parvati and came to see Brahma, Brahma's four heads praised Siva but the fifth made an evil sound. Siva, displeased with the fifth head, cut it off. The skull remained stuck fast to Siva's hand, and though he was capable of burning it up, Siva wandered the earth with it for the sake of all people, until he came to Benares." -- Siva Purana, Jnanasamhita 49:65-80.

Another version:

"Brahma desired his daughter and took the form of a stag to pursue her as a doe. The Brahmins called him to shame, and Rudra shot him with an arrow. The deer's head came away from Brahma's body and became a constellation in the sky. But then Gayatri and Sarasvati [the wives of Brahma] had no husband. They performed tapas for Siva, and he agreed to revive their husband, giving Brahma the four heads of Nandin and others of his hosts. Brahma arose and praised Siva." -- Skanda Purana 3:40:1-59.

More of Lord Brahma's (Prajapati's) incest:

"Prajapati desired his daughter and made love to her. This was a sin in the eyes of the gods, who said to the god who rules over beasts [Pasupati, Rudra], 'He commits a sin, acting in this way towards his own daughter, our sister. Pierce him.' Rudra took aim and pierced him. Half his seed fell to the ground. The gods cured Prajapati and cut out Rudra's dart, for Prajapati is the sacrifice. To utilize [the seed], the gods said, 'Take care that this may not be lost, but that it may be less than the oblation.' They gave it to Bhaga to eat, but it burnt his eyes and he became blind. Then they gave it to Pusan to eat, but it knocked out his teeth. At last they gave it to Savitr [the sun] and it did not injure him, for he appeased it." -- Satapatha Brahmana 1:7:4:1-7.

There are many instances of incest in sacred Hindu scriptures; these are not the only ones.


thalassa_mikra said...

Ok, I would have been super impressed if a Malay Muslim had actually gone through the trouble of reading up so much on Hinduism to come up with that post. But unfortunately, this is a cut-and-paste job that you took from some website, and I'm sure you don't understand most of what is being said.

If you did, you'd understand that this is a Dalit critique of Brahminical Hinduism, and such a tradition of critique has been part of Hindu thought for centuries.
Baik kritis, tetapi anda sebaiknya mengerti apa anda ialah crtiicizing

abuiqbalnuaim said...

Terima kasih di atas komen yang diberikan. Saya masih belajar mengenai perkara ini, jika ada pandangan mengenainya amat dialu-alukan. Mungkin ada pandangan daripada pihak Puan ataupun perkongsian mengenai Agama Hindu amat dialu-alukan. Terima kasih.

tulipspeaks said...

Insulting other religions to make yours look the holiest is a coward thing to do. I am sure no religion will ask its followers to insult another person's religion, and a religion which allows that is not a religion at all. Understand what I mean here brother?

No one is stopping you from teaching others about your own religion. Each person has his/her rights to do so. But on earth must you do that by insulting others? Is this your best shot?

I am a Hindu, and I can tell you.. there are hundreds of websites (may be thousands) out there condemning Islam. I have seen them but never in mind I ever had any evil thought about my Muslim friends. I have best friends who are Muslims, not only from this country but from Saudi as well. And religious issue is one sensitive subject we never discussed beyond the limit. We are not going to heaven by doing so isn't it?

I hope you realise how bad it reflects you and undo your mistakes. May God be with you.

Anonymous said...

hang ni memang anak haram.. son of bitch

Anonymous said...

it won take much time to write an open article about nabi muhammad..., infact you urself know bout him well... Kudos to Wilders for revealing out the truth of Islam...

Anonymous said...

how da hell u know ravan did sumthing to sita? were you there holding torch seeing what are they doin.. you dont even know the story of ravan, then y da hack ur writting all this ? whatz ur intension? ok fine.. womens in hinduism.. well wat bout child sexsual abbuse in Islamism? Father fuckin own doughter.. Grandfather fuckin own grandchild.. all these who does? only malays who do this... u better remove this post.. dun try to create racial issue among malaysians... This is a warning not for you only, including Shah Kirit and others who does this kinda cheep stuffs... a simple question ... where from u bastards came?

Anonymous said...

Wrong understanding about religion, lead you to lost prestige along community.

If you are real Muslims, you will agree with your 'dark world' which your Nabi's guideline book was lost for few decade and renewed by another person. Its happen to all religion in different view, we don't lost book, but mixed with 'unknowledger' and 'subbor touched'.

By criticism, we nothing to lose.

This kind of people, trying to promote something to community and make your sentence complete with your smartness.

Im sure you are suffering with Muslim's your own self. Looking for new comer into your religion. Its all just a 'trial'

If you are 'imam', you won't post this kind of news on your blog.


Anonymous said...

butuh pak hang.orang melayu sendiri toron anak sendiri.bini hang buka pintu belakang untuk anjing kongkek.u tengok dulu bangsa u.jangan tengok bangsa lain. lu ingat nabi banyak baik ka... puki ma lu... lu punya bangsa la dalam rumah kosong, budak sekolah, dalam lubang, lagi teruk, tua umur 70 rape perumpuan umur 6 tahun semua lu punya bangsa la buat... lu jaga sikit la wei... lu jangan mari perai!!! nanti lu tak boleh balik rumah... Islam terrosim.. satu dunia tau... pi mampus la lu...

jil jil roja mani...

Anonymous said...

hey motherfucker!u won die in peace..start countin ur days.wat the hell do u noe bout hinduism?!go n search 4 ur own religion 1st!!nabi is a kid fucker.. dont u know that... bloody asshole.. wher da hell u came from? dont ur mother teach u to respect on other religions? too bad i think ur mother is a bitch, tats y she din teach u all those.. pity you... son of a bitch.. because you people, malaysia sucks to max... malays are bloody racist! when you read all this comments, how you feel? this how Hindu"s feel when you write this kinda arcticles.. dont create racial issue.. bastard... get lost... wat the fuck of u praying 5 times a day..? all waste... It wont take much time for others to write about nabi muhammad.. fuckin piece of shit la u... eat belacan summore... still lookin for allah is it... find la find... infact u know wat happens to anwar, in 1998, for saying he will make all the temple bells stop knockin.. wher he end up? hmm.. when bell rang only he got his meals.... who helped him during his ISA period? U ungrateful racist.. dig a hole n lye down urself.... you death is near.... jus at the door step of ur house....

Anonymous said...

I think people who live in glass houses should not throw stones.
If I but said half of what you say about Islam in a blog, and believe me there is a lot to be said, they would pass a decree to kill me.
That is why I say people who live in glass houses should nto throw stones. I always find this caswe with you Muslims you say what you want and expect otheres to tolerate it, but you are not by way of your own religion exected to expect the same from others.

Anonymous said...

what ram allah,buddy?man,the whole alpha omega of hinduism in just couple of spaces in a bloggers ignoarnt mind landsacpae..come on..before condemning any rfeligion,study 1st,research 1st..we know dat,malaysians by large r 2 occupied bala blaing with lil,go 2 ur nearest libarary,dig out,spend time reseracing deeply ,faham tak!!!

Anonymous said...

for ur info jack s,eating beef is tak salah..vedic rishis used to do that..but the ting is this..the philosphy of hinduism is much much more then rama ,rama one,of the avatar brought down the principle of ethics to mankind,so dat,dunggu nuts humans dont resort to animalism..thats d secrt of the batt;e between rama and fact,there is a high possiblity,this battel took palce in other spheres,not on earrth at all..the legand of rama is everywhere on this planet..buddy,next time,dont simply talk goo on the net..anda, perlu tau jauh lebih mendalam megenai hindusim faham tak mr snake!!

Anonymous said...

I'm not a Hindu, nor am i a Muslim. I'm sure you saw the Dutch short clip Fitna. Did you agree with what was displayed?The video showed Islam as a religion that is cruel, not respecting ones right, degrading women and so on. However, I felt that the video crossed the line of conveying a message. You sir, have done the same. You have attacked ones religion directly. Do you see anyone offering a bounty on your head?Do you see any other religion that believe that your hands should be chopped?I personally believe that Islam is a teaching that is beautiful in its very own way. That applies to all religion. You have became a fanatic of religion to the extend of degrading everyone elses religion. Claiming yourself to be a Malaysian wouldn't be adequate of what you preach. You sound more like one of those Bumiputera's who are against other races in a peacefull country. Bear in mind, that the past few decades, no matter how we the non-bumi, chinese or indians have managed to succumb such insult and discrimination by your highly acclaimed Malay race. A race that only God knows originates from where. & if you ask how did I reach to the point of race?Well, I have been brought in a Malay neighbourhood towards the extend of communicating with my siblings in Malay. I have been joining Indians & Chinese in my teenagehood. & as I grow, I come to realise how your race have been so pampered to think that you are the ultimate. You put your religion up front in any matter. One excuse that is weak. It wouldn't be fair if i didn't state this, I hope someone does put a bounty on your head.

Anonymous said...

Well, you muslims dont even understand ur own religion but trying to ndermine other's. Joke..Your article clearly shows not only your stupidity but your low self esteem.

We know how to worry abt our religion, why dont to concentrate on your own, which teaches father to rape her own daughter and kill people so some pretty vergin's will be waiting for u stupid pigs at heaven. why dont you do some analysis abt Most of you muslims have little or no clear idea abt your own religion, but always try to put down others.

Just take a look around you, where ever there are muslims there will sure be killings and sex with own daughter's...malays especially...

do more research abt this and please write abt that in ur blog rather than worry abt we hindus...sad and stupid malay boy....

AnonIndie said...

I read that, and i know u r damm stupid. Any cmmon hindu can tell that..Ram was son of Dashrath, king of AYODHYA, not Benaras.

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